About Us

Health writers – Medical writers:

Providing research-backed health and medical content that you can trust, in human and veterinary health.

Empathic Health Writing is a health writing and medical writing company based in Melbourne, Australia.


Our aim is to provide health and medical content that:

  • is clear & easy to understand
  • transforms complex medical concepts into mental imagery
  • is engaging & compelling
  • resonates with readers
  • is written and referenced to the highest quality
  • is well-researched & accurate
  • is trustworthy & evidence-based
  • informs & empowers.


We provide health content for:

  • the human & veterinary fields
  • local & international clients
  • different audiences, from health practitioners to the public
  • health & veterinary professionals
  • health organisations
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • medical scientists
  • health magazines & newsletters
  • trade magazines
  • health education providers
  • health & wellness companies
  • websites & social media platforms.


At Empathic Health Writing, we have strength in multiple fields, from the medical laboratory to the clinical setting.


Dr Meredith Crowhurst, medical writer

Meredith has a broad medical and health related background. She completed a combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree (with honours) at the University of Melbourne, Australia. With varied interests, she majored in history, biochemistry and pathology. After completing her honour’s  in a biochemistry cancer research laboratory, she went on to complete a PhD at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, in Melbourne. Here, she worked in the areas of genetics, developmental biology, and cancer research. She spent a short term working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Wanting to be more involved in clinical practice, Meredith undertook a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree, graduating with honours, from the University of Melbourne. She has worked as a veterinarian of small animals (dogs, cats, and pocket pets) for more than 10 years. Meredith has completed Module 1 of the Medicine’s Australia Code of Conduct Course

Meredith is an exceptional researcher and writer. She has written content designed for scientists and health practitioners as well content for the public. She has produced content for health websites, trade journals, blogs, social media, slide presentations, animal owners, and scientific journals. Her content is always thoroughly researched, trustworthy, well-referenced, and written to the highest standard.